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Interest Rate Swaps (%) 30 DAY CHANGE U.S. Treasuries (%) 30 DAY CHANGE FHLB (%) 30 DAY CHANGE
LIBOR Swap 30 Year 0.97  0.15
LIBOR Swap 20 Year 0.92  0.11
LIBOR Swap 10 Year 0.67  0.01
LIBOR Swap 7 Year 0.51  0.06
LIBOR Swap 5 Year 0.38  0.09
LIBOR Swap 3 Year 0.29  0.10
LIBOR Swap 1 Year 0.32  0.16
LIBOR 6 Month 0.57  0.35
LIBOR 3 Month 0.37  0.52
LIBOR 1 Month 0.17  0.27
Treasury 30 Year 1.44  0.19
Treasury 20 Year 1.19  0.13
Treasury 10 Year 0.68  0.01
Treasury 7 Year 0.52  0.04
Treasury 5 Year 0.34  0.07
Treasury 3 Year 0.22  0.07
Treasury 1 Year 0.18  0.01
Treasury 6 Month 0.17  0.02
Treasury 3 Month 0.15  0.03
Treasury 1 Month 0.11  0.02
FHLB 30 Year 2.72  0.11
FHLB 20 Year 2.31  0.00
FHLB 10 Year 1.51  0.15
FHLB 7 Year 1.16  0.21
FHLB 5 Year 0.88  0.14
FHLB 3 Year 0.63  0.15
FHLB 1 Year 0.49  0.13
Prime (%) 30 DAY CHANGE
3.25  0.00

CommLoan Secures Bridge Debt Despite Volatile Lending Environment

Multifamily in Phoenix, AZ

CommLoan was presented with another opportunity after closing the first transaction successfully with the sponsor. The sponsor was looking to obtain a bridge loan for their value-add multifamily acquisition in Phoenix. With the current changes in the lending market due to COVID-19, many lenders turned extremely conservative with some even halting lending completely.

Despite the challenges in … READ MORE

Predicting Success In Commercial Real Estate Investing

I’m not a fan of predictions, forecasts, outlooks, and other “expert” opinions. No offense to the experts, who are often very well credentialed, experienced, educated and respected. That’s not to say that these types of articles do not offer any insights or value, they often certainly do. It has been my general observation that they often are good at referencing known history and developing a … READ MORE

The Top 20 Multifamily Property Management Companies of 2020

Standing out in the crowd is not that easy when you are in the large apartment management sector. However, it helps to offer some of the best units in your marketable area. Whether you are focused on sustainability or student housing, you want to give your residents the best customer service experience.  Here to help you find out what that is, check out the top … READ MORE

Commercial Real Estate During and Beyond “The Great Pause”

Historic episodes are titled in order to attach some brief description and meaning to the event.  Some examples are the Roaring 20’s, World War (I & II), the Great Depression, the Industrial Revolution, the Internet Boom, the Great Recession, and of course, the American Revolution.  We do so because the event or chain of events changes our viewpoint and perspectives on humanity and how we … READ MORE

How to Create Leverage Through Refinancing Commercial Real Estate Loans

Ultra-high net worth investors understand the fundamental value of cash flowing commercial real estate. They know that real estate is finite and there’s only so much to go around. They also know that streams of passive income will build empowerment over their time, and ultimately makes them financially free. Everyone starts somewhere and no one starts out as a millionaire. Wealth is built over time. … READ MORE

CommLoan Successfully Transitions Agency to Bank Loan

Multifamily in Tucson, AZ

The sponsors found CommLoan after seeing a loan quote for another property. They were looking to obtain agency debt for their multifamily acquisition in Tucson. During the loan process, it was discovered that the financing needed to be shifted over to a bank option.

Using the technology, CommLoan was able to identify another loan option for the … READ MORE

How to Price a Deal in Today’s Market

Original Article: April 06, 2020 GlobeSt.com

Some investors have halted all acquisitions, but for those still trying to transact in this market, it can be challenging. Everything from underwriting in this uncertain market to completing due diligence with social distancing restrictions has made simply doing a deal difficult.

“This is not going to go on forever, … READ MORE

CommLoan Secures a 5-Year Fixed Rate Loan at 3.08% for Canadian Borrower

Multi-tenant Office in Phoenix, AZ

CommLoan was approached by a Canadian sponsor looking to obtain financing for a multi-tenant office building in Phoenix. The office building was recently stabilized, but the sponsors were looking to obtain the highest possible leverage and the most competitive rate.

Using the CUPID™ platform, CommLoan was able to secure a 5-year fixed rate loan with a … READ MORE