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How Much Are Commercial Property Closing Costs?

The closing costs on a commercial investment property are can become substantial, often reaching tens of thousands. If you’re purchasing an investment property, here’s a breakdown of the various commercial property closing costs you can expect.

Flat-Fee Commercial Property Closing Costs

The simplest commercial property closing costs are flat-fee expenses that remain relatively standard across all investment properties. These include title insurance, appraisals, environmental reports, … Read More

How To Build a Personal Financial Statement For Commercial Loans

A personal financial statement is often among the required documentation when applying for a business loan. Even though business loans are distinct from personal loans, lenders might want to see the borrower’s personal financial situation for a variety of reasons. If you’re applying for a business loan soon, here’s an explanation of what this document is and how to go about making a personal financial … Read More

CommLoan Secures a Fixed 10 Year 4.25% Refinance on a Retail Property in Phoenix, Arizona

Retail in Phoenix, Arizona

CommLoan was approached by an experienced commercial real estate developer looking to obtain a refinance loan on a 2-unit retail property in Phoenix, Arizona. The borrower has developed over 500,000 square feet of office buildings.

CommLoan facilitated the refinance of the retail property by keeping the Lender’s focus on … Read More

CommLoan Secures $3.6 Million Acquisition Financing For a 26-Unit Complex in Phoenix, AZ


Multifamily in Phoenix, Arizona


CommLoan was approached by a repeat borrower looking to obtain an acquisition loan on a 26-unit multifamily property in Phoenix, Arizona.


CommLoan utilized its extensive lender database in the Arizona market to procure an acquisition loan with no lender costs and no prepayment penalty to provide the owner with the maximum liquidity options within the current environment. CommLoan’s … Read More



Single Family Home Portfolio in Arizona and California


CommLoan was approached by a borrower that has a $5.3M portfolio a duplex, three 4-plex, 10-unit, 11-unit, and a single-family rental. The borrower had been working with another lender for many months with no progress on the cash-out refinance loan.


CommLoan was able to secure and close the $3.25M loan in less than 55 … Read More

The Guide To The Types of Freddie Mac Multifamily and CRE Loans

Did you know that Freddie Mac’s total mortgage portfolio grew at a 22.4% annualized rate in December 2020? If you’re a commercial real estate investor, then you might be interested in how you can use Freddie Mac Multifamily products to find a loan for your acquisition or refinance. You might also be asking yourself questions such as:

What is Freddie … Read More

Cost Segregation: The Strategy Commercial Real Estate Investors Use to Pay Little to No Taxes On Their Investments

One of the biggest areas of focus for people investing in commercial real estate is how to handle the tax implications. If investors aren’t well-versed in how to legally reduce their tax burden, they could end up paying much more than they have to. That would make their great investment a reasonable one, at best. At worst, it could mean their investment would … Read More

CommLoan Secures a Fixed 5 Year 4.25% Bank Loan For Apartment Complex in Houston, Texas


Multi Family in Houston, Texas


CommLoan was approached by an investor who had been previously working with another broker and lender to obtain a cash-out refinance loan at 70% LTV. The lender ended up only wanting to originate a rate and term refinance at 65% LTV after receiving the appraisal and going through final loan committee. 


CommLoan … Read More