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Interest Rate Swaps (%) 30 DAY CHANGE U.S. Treasuries (%) 30 DAY CHANGE FHLB (%) 30 DAY CHANGE
LIBOR Swap 30 Year 0.82  0.15
LIBOR Swap 20 Year 0.78  0.15
LIBOR Swap 10 Year 0.56  0.12
LIBOR Swap 7 Year 0.40  0.10
LIBOR Swap 5 Year 0.28  0.08
LIBOR Swap 3 Year 0.21  0.04
LIBOR Swap 1 Year 0.23  0.05
LIBOR 6 Month 0.31  0.06
LIBOR 3 Month 0.25  0.03
LIBOR 1 Month 0.15  0.01
Treasury 30 Year 1.19  0.26
Treasury 20 Year 0.96  0.25
Treasury 10 Year 0.52  0.17
Treasury 7 Year 0.36  0.15
Treasury 5 Year 0.19  0.12
Treasury 3 Year 0.10  0.09
Treasury 1 Year 0.14  0.02
Treasury 6 Month 0.11  0.05
Treasury 3 Month 0.09  0.06
Treasury 1 Month 0.09  0.03
FHLB 30 Year 2.32  0.26
FHLB 20 Year 1.92  0.16
FHLB 10 Year 1.25  0.17
FHLB 7 Year 0.97  0.14
FHLB 5 Year 0.70  0.11
FHLB 3 Year 0.52  0.07
FHLB 1 Year 0.42  0.06
Prime (%) 30 DAY CHANGE
3.25  0.00

CommLoan Welcomes Mike Garruto as Vice President and Loan Consultant

CommLoan, the leading CRE lending marketplace known for using technology to connect borrowers to lenders,  announced the hiring of Mike Garruto as Vice President and Loan Consultant to help with the company’s expansion in 2020. Mike brings over 7 years of experience in the commercial real estate loan industry and was handpicked to help facilitate innovation and growth as CommLoan … READ MORE

What Are CMBS (Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities) Loans?

If you’re looking to finance a commercial real estate venture, or looking for the capital to cover your real estate construction and property expenses, there are quite a few loan options out there. They all have different terms, rules, and exceptions; but the most popular of them all would be Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities.

In this article, we’re going to discuss what Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities are, how … READ MORE

Your Guide to Real Estate Debt Funds in Commercial Real Estate

One of the most positive things to come out of or get fine-tuned from the financial crash of 2008 was the rise of what is called real estate debt funds. Real estate debt funds connect borrowers, which, more usual than naught, are developers to short-term funding capital. This funding is used for commercial real estate projects that range from shopping centers to multi-family buildings.


Why Now Is the Best Time to Invest in Multi-Family

By CommLoan, Categories CRE News

We know what you’re thinking. How could the middle of a global pandemic possibly be the best time to invest in multi-family real estate?Loan regulations are tightening. Many tenants have lost their jobs, and some multi-family investors are struggling with cash-flow.

But, if you’re financially stable, you can increase your revenue – even during this difficult time.The effects of the pandemic have created … READ MORE

The Guide to the Types of Fannie Mae Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate Loans

When you’re ready to finance a multifamily property, the last thing you want to know the different options you have available and what documentation you will need for each of them, no matter what you decide. Having the right options when your financing a multifamily home can make the difference between a very smooth commercial real estate loan experience or a very start and … READ MORE

CommLoan Secures Bridge Debt Despite Volatile Lending Environment

Multifamily in Phoenix, AZ

CommLoan was presented with another opportunity after closing the first transaction successfully with the sponsor. The sponsor was looking to obtain a bridge loan for their value-add multifamily acquisition in Phoenix. With the current changes in the lending market due to COVID-19, many lenders turned extremely conservative with some even halting lending completely.

Despite the challenges in … READ MORE

Predicting Success In Commercial Real Estate Investing

I’m not a fan of predictions, forecasts, outlooks, and other “expert” opinions. No offense to the experts, who are often very well credentialed, experienced, educated and respected. That’s not to say that these types of articles do not offer any insights or value, they often certainly do. It has been my general observation that they often are good at referencing known history and developing a … READ MORE

So You Want to Invest in Multifamily in 2020?

Gold and stocks were long considered to be the most solid and lasting investments. Today more Americans lean towards real estate, and with the 34 and under age group choosing to rent instead of buy, apartment buildings, condominiums and student housing can be lucrative investments.

The Search

As with any real estate transaction due diligence is important, but more money is at stake when READ MORE

The Top 20 Multifamily Property Management Companies of 2020

Standing out in the crowd is not that easy when you are in the large apartment management sector. However, it helps to offer some of the best units in your marketable area. Whether you are focused on sustainability or student housing, you want to give your residents the best customer service experience.  Here to help you find out what that is, check out the top … READ MORE