CommLoan helped me realize my dream. Their insight, guidance and direction were invaluable to me. Most impressive, they helped me close in just 45 days. I am now the proud owner of my own recording studio! CommLoan will always be my first call with future loans.

Kevin Churko
Las Vegas, Nevada

A little less than a year after having a terrible experience refinancing my home with one of the major banks, I found myself starting the process for a small business loan to do a scheduled renovation on an apartment complex and dreaded having a repeat of the same processes yet again. On my home refi I had been handed off to so many people and had spent so many hours on the phone going over the same items, I could not bear the thought of same thing happening yet again…. Well, with CommLoan it didn’t. The team at CommLoan was far better than any I have had in the past. The staff went above and beyond to keep me in the loop every step of the way. Being able to track the loan online was convenient as well. I highly recommend CommLoan for any commercial mortgage project! CommLoan made the process of refinancing my multi-family property extraordinarily simple. The loan process can be inherently tough, but this time I had someone in my corner to make it as easy as possible.

Dan Whifler
San Mateo, California

CommLoan handled the successful purchase of my industrial building. I have to say that my experience was great, not only in finding the perfect loan product but the process itself was smooth, right down to the close.

Mike McCraren
Tucson, Arizona

Having multiple lenders to choose from with various loan options made the process of refinancing my retail space easier than I ever imagined. I was able to choose from dozens of lenders and many more loan programs that best fit my financial goals. CommLoan is my go to from here on out!

Marino Mancini
Riverside, California

Refinancing my office building was so simple to accomplish by using CommLoan. They easily connected me to a local lender who was able to deliver the exact terms CommLoan quoted me upfront. Utilizing their technology is incredibly easy and user-friendly. My loan closed in less than 45 days and was hassle-free!

Carolann Sinclair
Denver, Colorado