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Interest Rate Swaps (%) 30 DAY CHANGE U.S. Treasuries (%) 30 DAY CHANGE FHLB (%) 30 DAY CHANGE
LIBOR Swap 30 Year 1.94  0.08
LIBOR Swap 20 Year 1.92  0.07
LIBOR Swap 10 Year 1.77  0.06
LIBOR Swap 7 Year 1.69  0.06
LIBOR Swap 5 Year 1.65  0.06
LIBOR Swap 3 Year 1.64  0.05
LIBOR Swap 1 Year 1.74  0.04
LIBOR 6 Month 1.89  0.03
LIBOR 3 Month 1.89  0.01
LIBOR 1 Month 1.72  0.04
Treasury 30 Year 2.27  0.16
Treasury 20 Year 2.13  0.14
Treasury 10 Year 1.83  0.11
Treasury 7 Year 1.77  0.09
Treasury 5 Year 1.67  0.07
Treasury 3 Year 1.63  0.07
Treasury 1 Year 1.56  0.02
Treasury 6 Month 1.58  0.00
Treasury 3 Month 1.54  0.01
Treasury 1 Month 1.54  0.02
FHLB 30 Year 3.09  0.15
FHLB 20 Year 2.93  0.10
FHLB 10 Year 2.35  0.09
FHLB 7 Year 2.18  0.09
FHLB 5 Year 2.00  0.09
FHLB 3 Year 1.92  0.07
FHLB 1 Year 1.91  0.01
Prime (%) 30 DAY CHANGE
4.75  0.00

Multifamily Remains Top Investment Asset Class

By CommLoan Admin,

Original Article: June 11, 2019 GlobeSt.com

Multifamily continues to be the top target asset class for investors. According to a new report from AppFolio, most investors are planning to allocate capital to multifamily investments this year, followed by office and industrial asset classes. Of the investors surveyed, 68.3% said they are planning to put investment dollars in … READ MORE


By David Luke,

Multifamily in Grand Junction, Colorado

The Borrower was seeking a permanent loan to pull some cash out of his hotel-to-apartment converted property. He had worked with other reputable mortgage brokers in the past year, but was unable to procure the terms he was looking for.

Utilizing the CUPID platform, CommLoan was … READ MORE

Hospitality and Multifamily Are Merging

By CommLoan Admin,

Original Article: May 21, 2019 GlobeSt.com

The worlds of hospitality and multifamily are becoming more intertwined. Multifamily owners are incorporating more amenities and services into properties to drive occupancy and rents. Today, people are renting later into life and want a high-end living experience. These services include concierge services, furnished units and short-term rentals.

“The labor market … READ MORE


By David Luke,

Multifamily in Phoenix, Arizona

The Borrower was interested in acquiring a multifamily property in Phoenix. Although the building was stabilized and produced cash-flow, the Borrower saw the potential of making some additional improvements. The Borrower needed a lender that would be able to provide not only a competitive rate, but also enough loan proceeds to cover the rehab costs.

With the … READ MORE

How Rapidly Are CRE Companies Adopting AI?

By CommLoan Admin,

Original Article: April 30, 2019 GlobeSt.com

Artificial intelligence technology is all that people can talk about these days, and commercial real estate investors are excited about how these tools can impact investment decisions. But it isn’t only investors adopting AI technology. The whole industry is integrating new AI tools. In the property management industry, AI tools are … READ MORE


By David Luke,

Office in Phoenix, Arizona

The buyer was referred to CommLoan by a Phoenix commercial real estate broker. The experienced Sponsor had been buying commercial real estate and obtaining financing through his network for many years. Since he was highly recommended to work with CommLoan, he decided to see what financing options they could obtain. The Sponsor ended up having an existing relationship with … READ MORE

Where Are Cap Rates Going in the Four Core Property Sectors?

By CommLoan Admin,

Original Article: March 15, 2019 National Real Estate Investor

With late 2018 jitters gone and investor optimism returning, the commercial real estate market should experience mostly steady cap rates through the first half of 2019, although there are particular market segments and geographies that could experience some bumps.

“On the interest rate side, I think everybody has … READ MORE


By CommLoan Admin,

Original Article: March 7, 2019 GlobeSt.com
What a year 2018 was. And all signs point to another year of bounty for commercial real estate.

We experienced stomach-churning market volatility, tariff wars, several terrifying natural disasters and, at the end of the year, the beginning of a government shutdown. Unfortunately for us, all of these factors are … READ MORE

Congratulations to Our Valued Clients

By David Luke,

Congratulations to Dunbar Real Estate Investments for their most recent
acquisition of an industrial building in Tempe, Arizona.

DunbarIndustrial Building in Tempe

Congratulations to Brandon Hampton at Clear Sky Capital on his most recent
acquisition of a multifamily property in Phoenix, … READ MORE

18 Commercial Real Estate Trends To Dominate In 2019

By CommLoan Admin,

Original Article: December 11, 2018 Bisnow Champaign Williams, National Editor

Most economists still project a robust commercial real estate market despite the Fed’s policy of continuing to increase interest rates and the political uncertainty brought on by Washington gridlock.

With robust jobs growth continuing to increase at a healthy clip and the unemployment rate steady at 3.7%, a 50-year … READ MORE