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Interest Rate Swaps (%) U.S. Treasuries (%) FHLB (%)
LIBOR Swap 30 Year 2.95
LIBOR Swap 20 Year 2.97
LIBOR Swap 10 Year 2.92
LIBOR Swap 7 Year 2.88
LIBOR Swap 5 Year 2.86
LIBOR Swap 3 Year 2.84
LIBOR Swap 1 Year 2.63
LIBOR 6 Month 2.51
LIBOR 3 Month 2.32
LIBOR 1 Month 2.06
Treasury 30 Year 3.03
Treasury 20 Year 2.95
Treasury 10 Year 2.86
Treasury 7 Year 2.81
Treasury 5 Year 2.73
Treasury 3 Year 2.68
Treasury 1 Year 2.45
Treasury 6 Month 2.23
Treasury 3 Month 2.07
Treasury 1 Month 1.96
FHLB 30 Year 3.88
FHLB 20 Year 3.68
FHLB 10 Year 3.38
FHLB 7 Year 3.23
FHLB 5 Year 3.01
FHLB 3 Year 2.92
FHLB 1 Year 2.65
Prime (%)

CommLoan’s Eric Little Makes Big Splash at AREAA’s 2017 Global Luxury Summit

By CommLoan Admin,

Eric Little

AARAA’s Global Update Focused on Key Trends in Commercial Real Estate

On Friday, April 21st, CommLoan’s Vice President of National Business Development, Eric Little, spoke about the changes and trends that are shaping commercial real estate at the AREAA (Asian Real Estate Association of America) Global Luxury Summit in Miami, … READ MORE

Can business owners get a better deal on commercial mortgages?

By CommLoan Admin,

Best Commercial Mortgage Rates

CommLoan’s Mitch Ginsberg and Wayne Lorgus, Partner at B2B CFO Weigh in

An owner of an Arizona based growing business decided it was time to purchase the building his company was occupying. A loyal, long term customer of his bank, he knew that his relationships … READ MORE

CommLoan CEO discusses digital marketplaces with AZ TV’s Catherine Anaya

By CommLoan Admin,

CommLoan CEO Mitch Ginsberg

Mitch Ginsberg featured on “Tech Tuesday” segment

On Tuesday, April 4th, CommLoan’s CEO Mitch Ginsberg was featured on AZ TV’s Tech Tuesday, discussing how digital marketplaces are changing and shaping consumer behavior. In his interview with Daily Mix anchor Catherine Anaya, Mitch described how the … READ MORE

Student Housing – The next big boom and why investors are loving it

By CommLoan Admin,

Starting in early 2000, as part of an effort to keep up with the commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), Fannie Mae dropped its DSC to (debt service coverage) to 1.20x and underwrote student housing loans to the exact same parameters as conventional loans.

It’s no surprise that since then, student housing has continued to be a profitable venture for many financial real estate investors. But 2017 … READ MORE

Talks of Change in Regulations in Appraisals May Impact Lending

By CommLoan Admin,

In a recent Bloomberg article, reporter Jesse Hamilton, addressed a major issue that could impact lending practices should it pass legislature. According to the article, regulators are discussing increasing the threshold for requiring appraisals on commercial property to $400,000, from the current $250,000.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, President Donald Trump’s aggressive moves to knock down government constraints on business loans have resulted in U.S. bank … READ MORE


By CommLoan Admin,

The March 16th Wall Street Journal’s cover story focused on the Federal Reserve’s announcement on raising short-term interest rates and the prospect of lifting them even further through this year, moving the central bank into a new, more aggressive phase of draining easy money from the financial system as the economy improves. This is not the first time that the interest rates were raised since … READ MORE

Multifamily Projects Face Harder Time Funding – CommLoan Offers Solution

By CommLoan Admin,

The Wall Street Journal reported in a February 21st article that large banks are stepping back from new multifamily funding projects in light of the cooling apartment market and a perceived oversupply of new units.

Quoting real estate research firm Axiometrics Inc., the report noted that the number of new multifamily units is set to hit a 30-year high in 2017. That could loosen pressure on rents, which … READ MORE

The Impact of CMBS Notes On Shopping Malls and Retail Centers

By CommLoan Admin,

The change of consumer shopping behavior, shifting from traditional brick and mortar retail to online marketplaces, crushed many investors who funded the expanse of malls and shopping centers, largely via CMBS loans.

But this year, investors have more than consumer behavior to be concerned with. Nearly $134 billion of commercial real estate loans—more than one-quarter of which went to finance malls a decade ago—are due … READ MORE

CommLoan’s CEO Meets with Key Media in New York City 

By CommLoan Admin,

Discusses how CommLoan’s platform helps noteholders of CMBS loans coming due this year.

Despite the massive snow storm that crippled New York City last week, CommLoan’s CEO Mitch Ginsberg participated in a series of media meetings discussing the state of the industry and the key trends that will shape commercial real estate lending in 2017. While in Manhattan, Mitch met with reporters from Fox Business, … READ MORE


By CommLoan Admin,

January 2017 was a busy time for many real estate investors and analysts to weigh in on trends driving multifamily housing.

Mary Salmonsen recently published a well thought-out article in Multifamily Executive Magazine.  http://www.multifamilyexecutive.com/business-finance/business-trends/freddie-mac-oversupply-wont-be-threat-in-2017_o

In the article, Mary makes a bold headline that GSE expects moderate market growth and rent increases this year.

She quotes Freddie Mac Multifamily Research Group in its new 2017 Multifamily Housing … READ MORE