Today's tech-savvy clients demand a sleeker more streamlined process, and when it come to lending technology, CommLoan has broken the code. The CUPID platform matches the borrower with the perfect loan every time, with just the stroke of a key.

Residential Mortgage Bankers

Are you a Residential Mortgage Banker who would like to add revenue from commercial lending to your bottom line, but think it is too complicated?


This transition into commercial lending has been a very simple and pleasant process, as well as proven to be a great tool for the loan officers within VIP to provide commercial services.

Division Manager
Dan O’Connell

VIP Mortgage

Independent Commercial Mortgage Brokers

Are you an Independent Commercial Mortgage Broker looking for greater access to loan products, less document handling and more time to build relationships with your clients?


They have the most innovative platform I have ever seen in commercial real estate lending. Taking advantage of their state of the art technology and professional processing center, I am assured my clients will have unequalled access to loan choices, accompanied with the best service.

Val Lewis


Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Are you a forward thinking Commercial RE Broker who would like to reap the financial rewards of adding a finance division to your brokerage?


I believe the innovative CommLoan commercial lending platform is a game changer for commercial real estate firms. By providing state of the art commercial lending technology, truly unmatched in the marketplace, commercial brokerages can now provide an even higher level of service to their clients. It’s an absolute WIN WIN!

Terry A. Martin-Denning
CEO/Designated Broker

NAI Horizon